Diatonic Triads

The intervals contained in the table are diato...Image via WikipediaThe word diatonic means "in the key of." In other words, the term diatonic is referring to notes that are common to a particular key based on its scale.

The diatonic triads below are a series of major and minor triads in various inversions. You might want to practice these chords in every  key. I'll start in the Key of Db.

1.  Db = Db/FAbDb

2. Ebm = Eb/GbBbEb

3. Db/F = F/AbDbF

4. Ebm/Gb  = Gb/BbEbGb

5. Db/Ab =  Ab/DbFAb

6. GbBb = Bb/DbGbBb

7. Ab/C = C/EbAbC

8. Db = Db/FAbDb

Awhile back, I wrote an article about Diatonic Harmony

And if you're looking for substitute chords in the Key of Db, try using:






Songs I have posted on my other blog in the Key of Db or in the modulation:





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