The Minor Ninth Chord in Db

Let's talk about the Minor Ninth chord in Db.

Bass = Db

Right Hand = E + Ab + B + Eb

I like to use this chord progression in a 1-4 turn around. For example, it creates a nice groove when you change the 3rd finger from B to Bb.

Now, if you do this, you must also change the bass from Db to Gb. That is why it is called a 1-4 turnaround because Gb is the 4th tone in the Db Major Scale.

Basically, you switch from the Db minor chord (the third tone is simply lowered to Bb and the bass to Gb.


Dbmin9 --> Gb13

Bass: Db * Right Hand: E + Ab + B + Eb

Bass: Gb * Right Hand: E + Ab + Bb + Eb

Try it out. I think you'll agree, this one is pretty nice. You might want to check on these:
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-- Piano Diana

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