Slow, Soulful Blues Piano - Gospel Blues Piano

 I love the sound of slow, soulful blues. Listen to Willie's amazing piano playing... love the style.

Slow, Soulful Blues Piano - Gospel Blues Piano


My friend dazza from the zone community at hear and play sure can play the blues! You will learn so much from dazza's piano tutorial on playing slow blues. I have posted a chord chart for his chord progressions. Those quick grace notes add such a cool sound!

Learn this at:
, plus loads of free videos on how to play piano

* Chord Chart

Pick Up - (r.h. notes) Bb, B, D, E



C C/Bb, (Eb), E G, (Bb, B, D, E) (C9)

D D/F# C D (D7)

/ D Bb, C A

G D/(Bb) B G

E E/Gb D G (E7 add9)

A A/G C# (A7)

D D/F# C (D7)

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