The Essential Chords

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 The Essential Chords

Minor Chords

To make any minor chord just lower the middle note of the corresponding major chord one half-step. (This assumes that the major chord is constructed so that the root is the lowest note of the chord.)

* The Twelve Major Chords

Db = DbFAb
D = DF#A
Eb = EbGBb
E = EG#B
Gb = GbBbDb
Ab = Ab C Eb
A = AC#E
Bb = BbDF
B = BD#F#

* The Twelve Minor Chords

Cm = CEbG
Dbm = DbEAb
Dm = DFA
Ebm = EbGbBb
Em = EGB
Fm = FAbC
Gbm = GbADb
Gm = GBbD
Abm = AbBEb
Am = ACE
Bbm = BbDbF
Bm = BDF#

* Seventh Chords

To make any seventh chord take the corresponding major chord and add a fourth note to it. The note that you add is one whole-step (two half-steps) below the root. The seventh chord will sound better if you place this extra note at the top of the chord, leaving the root at the bottom.

This is a C seventh (C7) chord ... C E G Bb

* The Twelve Seventh Chords

C7 = CEGBb

Db7 = DbFAbB

D7 = DF#AC

Eb7 = EbGGBbDb

E7 = EG#BD

F7 = FACEb

Gb7 = GbBbDbE


Ab7 = AbCEbGb

A7 = AC#EG

Bb7 = BbDFAb

B7 = B#D#F#A

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