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 Since the mid-70's, Spyro Gyra's infectious and danceable take on pop-jazz has made them one of the more successful practitioners of the genre. Skillfully incorporating aspects of R&B, rock, and Caribbean music into their sound, the band's music is lively, infectious, and 9significantly) very accessible - albums such as morning Dance, Freetime, and In Modern Times are amongst the most popular jazz releases of the past two decades. Good to Go-Go, the ensemble's fourth disc for Heads Up, was praised as one of their strongest collections.

Saxophonist Jay Beckstein founded Spyro Gyra in 1974 and has remained its guiding force in the ensuing three-plus decades, writing much of the group's material and providing continuity throughout a handful of roster shifts. For more information, please visit their website at

I love this group! What about you... do you have a favorite? My piano students continue to play John Mayer's songs also. He is very talented as well as a great singer/song writer, too.

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