Free Improvisation in D Major (Ionian Mode) -- piano solo

 I just love this very beautiful song!

Free Improvisation in D Major (Ionian Mode) -- piano solo

Here's what 7noteman has to say:

"I may need to say a word about free improvisation, and what that term means to me. Free Improvisation could imply no rules and no forethought at all. That is probably the most common understanding.

This piece was spontaneously composed and played, however, there were some limitations (rules) imposed and some forethought involved. I restricted myself to playing only the 7 notes of the D ionian mode (D E F# G A B C#). This is the same as the D major scale. No other notes were played. I only use chords constructed from this modal scale. Setting restrictions actually helps in free improvisation because it narrows your options and makes choices more clear. I also think there is a lot of value in improvising on 7 note modes because it deepens the understanding of 12 note playing when using more complex voicings. In terms of forethought, I had two very short melodic motifs that I used as my base. These little pieces of melody set the structure of the piece and give me something to play off of."

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