Go Tell It On The Mountain- Bass Runs

This morning I wanted to share some bass runs to one of my favorite songs, Go Tell It On The Mountain. Whether you love hearing the song sung by James Taylor, Crystal Lewis or a Gospel Choir, you'll love playing this special song with an upbeat shouting tempo or slow blues gospel feel. Head on over to my other blog for chord charts in the Key of E, F and G. Am I a bit early posting a Christmas song? Yes, but this Grandma is on her way to the grocery store to prepare for a family Thanksgiving meal with this Go Tell It arrangement set aside for practice time. Let me know how those bass runs give your l.h. a work out!

Go Tell It On The Mountain


Jermaine Griggs over at HearandPlay.com offers a great Christmas Course.


Series DVD course will teach you
everything you need to know to get started playing
Christmas songs by ear during this holiday season. I
will show you, step-by-step, how to pick out the
melodies of famous Christmas songs, how to choose the
right chords to accompany the

, and how to spice up your chords and
progressions to create full-sounding arrangements of
your favorite holiday songs!

If you've been searching for a course that'll take you
by the hand and show you exactly what you need to know
to play

Christmas songs
(...and other songs for that
matter), then you've found the right place. Not only
will you learn tons of Christmas songs, but you'll
understand the theory behind these songs --- why the

are played... alternative ways to play the
same songs... why the melodies are constructed the way
they are and much more. The learning never ends!

Warmest Regards,
~ D.

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