Gospel Keys 101 Review

Gospel Keys 101 is a 90-minute dvd course on melody harmonization with more than 6 parts for every single tone of the major scale. It includes close-ups, titles, and charts for visual support. For effective learning, concepts on playing gospel music and some practice techniques are also given. The course also comes with a bonus including an online chord chart pdf.

With Gospel Keys 101,an individual will be able to recognize melodies in songs in as fast as two minutes. Moreover, the person will be able to harmonize any melody with just seven chords and be able to select which bass notes to play with the melody. Everything in the video is unhurried and every detail is thoroughly explained to facilitate learning.

Gospel Keys 101 is a good start for those who want to be liberated from the limitations of sheet music and learn to play gospel music by ear. Everything is properly set for easy and practical learning. Since Gospel Keys is a dvd course, it can be played over and over again anywhere. Communication support is also available for more clarifications. The package price is likewise lowered to $39.95. Jermaine himself gives a 100% risk-free guarantee and offers a 90-day period to return the dvd course and you can keep the bonuses. There seems to be nothing to lose if one gets hold of a Gospel Keys 101 dvd course.

Great Beginning- GospelKeys101

I love GospelKeys101!!!Here's an outline of the Dvd:

1. How To Instantly Figure Out Chords To Simple Melodies
(How to put chords behind certain notes)
A. Determine The Melody
B. Harmonize The Melody
C. Adding The Bass

2. Songs You'll Be Playing Right Away
A. Kumbayah, Jesus Love Me
B. Wheels On The Bus, Mary's Lamb

3. Inversions
(Different Ways To Play Chords

4. Primary Chords
( I IV V )

5. Exercises

6. Bass Techniques

I highly recommend this Dvd for those who want to play without sheet music!


Gospel Keys 101
will teach you everything you need
to know to get started playing basic hymns and
congregational songs by ear. If you're a beginner and
would like your very own gospel piano teacher on DVD,
this course is definitely for you! This dvd course moves
at a very comfortable pace and leaves no questions

You will be shown, step-by-step, how to harmonize

every single tone
of the major scale --- AND since
songs are based on melodies (and melodies are based on
major scales), you'll be able to harmonize MOST songs
immediately after learning these concepts. In

90 minutes
, you'll learn a variety of
chords, inversions, melodies, and will be playing over a
half-dozen songs by the end!


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