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Dear Gospel Lover,

Have you always been interested in playing Gospel music, but you

never had enough time or the loads of money that it costs to hire

a private teacher?

Have you played simple melodies and a few chords in gospel music and

now want to really get down with the best of 'em and hold down a

full-fledged church service from "shout" to finish? If you said

yes to either or both questions, I definitely suggest you keep

reading this message.

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I'm really excited to tell you about an incredible new Gospel

resource that is guaranteed to revolutionize the Gospel music

industry and the way your church gets down at the very same time.

Many musicians are extremely conscious and protective of letting

any one else in on their secrets. To them, it's something very

sacred and the key aspect that sets them apart from the rest of

the group. That being the case, it makes what I've found even

that more exciting!

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I've found an amazing artist that, through his innovative Gospel

instruction website, is willing to share with you ALL he's

learned from his 15+ years of experience. Not only is he going to

play for you...

...In a AMAZING ***26 HOURS***, ***7 DVDs***, ***3 1/2 hours of

EXTRA one-on-one training, ***7 free personal music sessions***,



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Rev. Jermaine Griggs is going to personally show, teach, and

explain to you step-by-step and over-the-shoulder TONS of the

licks and tricks that can be found in countless numbers of

songs by the top church musicians around!

I'm talking about Gospel icons that we all know and love like:

Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell, Shirley Caesar, Donald Lawrence,

Daryl Coley, The Kurt Carr Singers, Judith, Christie

McAllister, John P. Kee, and more!

The Gospel Keys "Deluxe Church Musician" DVD box set contains

not 1 --- but 7 courses together! (EVERYTHING you need)


1. Gospel Keys 101 (1.5 hrs): Introducing Hymns
& Congregational Songs!

2. Gospel Keys 202 (5.0 hrs): Mastering Worship

3. Gospel Keys 300 (2.5 hrs): Up-tempo Praise
and Charismatic Styles

4. Gospel Keys 500 (3.0 hrs): Experiencing Up-tempo Shouting

5. Gospel Keys Organ 350 (3.0 hrs): Praise and Devotional

6. Gospel Keys Organ 450 (3.0 hrs): Advanced Worship Chords and

7. Gospel Keys X-treme (8.0 H-O-U-R-S): Urban & Contemporary

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Click the link below to start praising the Lord through

music the "Gospel Keys" way TODAY!

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Wow, I know that's a lot. Gospel Keys don't play around over there.

So, if you're really serious about taking your piano playing to the

next level and adapting a crisp and professional as well sound, you

owe it to yourself to take them up on this incredible deal.

all the best,

~ Piano Diana

P.S. - You might find more interesting information, techniques,

or resources just by clicking around on their website.


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