WOG Unity Ride- Sept. 20, 2008

I just want to take a few seconds and share some thoughts with you.

This ride is ALL abut what Jesus told us to do.
Visit the ones in prison, help the orphans and widows, and BE united.
As the days and weeks go by, I want to encourage you to lift others in prayer.
When you are driving to work, riding to an event this weekend, and especially when life gets to you,
Lift others in prayer. Lift up in prayer the ones that you love and the ones that are hard to love.
Lift up in prayer the ones that you haven’t prayed for in sometime. Lift up in prayer the ones that hurt you the most.
Pray that someone will reach out to them as we are reaching to the ones behind bars that hurt others.
We are breaking that chain of bondage by visiting them and bringing their kids toys, so pray that someone will reach the ones that hurt you the same way. By praying for them – even if you don’t like them – you are telling God that you trust Him with your situation. One day, you’ll get the call, or hear about the person you once prayed for and once again, you will Thank God for being faithful. There are ONLY two things that I will always ask of you.

1. Pray for others
2. The day of the ride, to matter what city you’re in, invite someone to ride with you, that does not know Jesus.

This Ride is expanding rapidly throughout the country and we will be touching many lives together.
As I often say it is beyond my comprehension and in God’s handlebars.

The link below is part of a Daystar program in Houston TX talking about this year’s Ride... or view below:



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